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High power CO2 and Fiber laser spare parts

Part description (i.e. ceramic) or OEM part # (i.e. 4-09010)




Slat Hound LT-202:

•Easily remove hard slag from table slats in seconds

•Only one operator required to use Slat Hound

•Line up the grid, then gently push the Slat Hound and watch the slag disappear

•The Slat Hound also straightens bent slats while cleaning

•The operator can clean a table while the machine is cutting on the other table

•It takes around 15 minutes to clean a table

•On/off switch with variable grinding speed

•Best value for money slat cleaner on the market – very short ROI!

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Slat Hound

Slat Hound

Slat Hound

Slat Hound