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High power CO2 and Fiber laser spare parts

Part description (i.e. ceramic) or OEM part # (i.e. 4-09010)

Tab Hammer



Benefits of the Tab Hammer LT-101:

•The Tab Hammer will assist operators remove tabbed laser cut pieces in an efficient and safe manner ✅

•Previously operators were required to hit the laser cut sheet of metal 15-20 times to remove tabbed pieces. This process can take up to 10 minutes ⏱

•With our tool, a few jabs of the Tab Hammer and the tabbed pieces instantly fall from the sheet – a 2-minute procedure💡

•A much faster and safer process for operators and business owners– no more swinging hammers 🔨

•An absolute must have for any business owner who operates a high-speed fiber laser machine, in which operators cannot keep up unloading cut material.

•The Tab Hammer will not leave marks on material, compared to hitting with a hammer👌

•Small investment for instant results – improved productivity and reduced chance of injury to operators and damaged material💰

•Most affordable Tab Hammer on the market – a fraction of competitor’s prices!

LT-101 LT-101 LT-101