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High power CO2 and Fiber laser spare parts

Part description (i.e. ceramic) or OEM part # (i.e. 4-09010)

Bystronic Lens Ultra low (UK)

US $289.84


Ultra low coated lenses are specifically fabricated for use in the growing family of CO2 high power lasers. The total lens absorption of the Ultra low coating is significantly less than < 0.15% at 10.6 microns.

Material Shape Diameter Edge Thickness
ZnSe Meniscus 1.5″ / 38.1mm 0.354″ / 9.0mm

Ultra low lenses will handle the same high power as conventional lenses but with less optical distortion and a smaller focal length shift due to less heating of the substrate. Additionally, the lower absorption of the Ultra low lenses can lead to longer lens lifetime. MP5 equivalent coating.

Manufactured in the U.K.




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Focal Length OEM Part #
5.0″ inch 4-07475
7.5″ inch 4-07476